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Dr. Usmani is a Fulbright Scholar and an Eisenhower Fellow. He holds a Ph.D. and MS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. His Ph.D. work focuses on big data for counter-terrorism. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, AOL News, Wired Magazine, NPR, MIT’s Technology Review, Florida Today, and The Economist. He has authored dozens of research papers, articles, and several books. His research strengths include Data Sciences, Artificial intelligence, blockchain, predictive analytics, and modeling human emergent behaviors. He loves to talk about KungFu panda, population census, trees, sponge bob, disadvantages of learning and appreciation, swarm and avian intelligence. He has worked in the USA, Pakistan, Lithuania. Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Denmark, and the Middle East. Currently, he is focusing on future of work, data science in retail, self-aware smart contracts, self-organized crypto assets and consequential impact of AI on society and job markets.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is unarguably among the most elite modern-day computer concepts. And also among the most baffling and misunderstood ones. AI is the future of life as ordinary people know it. It is a rapidly changing and complex technology that has already stealthily invaded homes, and workplaces, permanently altering lifestyles, communication methods, and modes of thinking and response. Yet laymen remain unclear as to what AI actually is.

This course is an introduction to AI and a practical journey on how to move forward in this field. This is the most comprehensive course on AI that you can find online. It is equally enlightening for all people from grade 5 to graduate-level, it seeks to address the most perplexing and misconstrued questions surrounding a layman’s understanding of AI.

What exactly is AI? How can an ordinary person learn about it? Will Artificial Intelligence and common professions in the world? Will mankind become completely dependent on computers? Will computers become capable of thinking and pondering by themselves? Will they know what they’re doing? Will they be able to make independent decisions in new and complicated situations? Will they be able to fix themselves? and if they do, will they still follow human commands and abide by moral and social codes? These are all the questions that AI research is striving to answer at present. The future belongs to AI and progress and innovation in any field is impossible without understanding it adapting to the new age of the intelligent machine. I welcome you all to the world of Artificial Intelligence. See you in class

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Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain is a general purpose course to provide fundamental concepts of Blockchain and Crypto Currencies for new comers. If you are a student like to explore this field, or a manager responsible for blockchain based projects or managing crypto assets, this course is for you. This is the most comprehensive course on blockchain fundamentals that you can find online. At the end of this course you will know if this field is right for you and if you like to make it a career what you need to do.

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The Missing

We teach a lot of technical skills to our graduates in college but what is missing is the soft skills that are as important as anything else. This course focus on life-long skills that are necessary to survive in work or family environment. How to deal with stress, uncertainty, unemployment, career progression, failures and what to do when everything goes south? This course is about You, how you can be a better human being that is progressing and learning continuously. I hope this course will open new dimensions of thinking and work for you.

25 $
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Introduction to Data Sciences

Data is the next oil and data science is the field to peruse. Introduction to Data Sciences is a beginner level course for students and managers. This will provide you the basic foundation for this field and introduce you to concepts and its applications. This is the most comprehensive course on this subject online. If you like to explore this field as a career or want to see if this is right for you, this is your first step to get started

25 $

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